Monday, May 4, 2015


There are signs of Spring, perhaps especially a delayed one like we're having this year. Trees get a lot leafier seemingly overnight.There's a sudden cacophony of bird songs playing in the morning. A lot more bustle socially, too, and particularly if you live in a college town. Probably more partying too. Of course my building has some students living in it and has remained pretty quiet. Guess their festivities are taking place elsewhere.


susan said...

It's springtime here now too. No leaves yet and few flowers, but the grass is greening up nicely and there are a number of different birds.

The university school year ends here in April so, except for the much smaller group of summer school students, everyone is gone til September. Next comes 'the Season' and the tourists.

Ben said...

It's nice to live in an area with a healthy bird population. Kind of thing we've taken for granted a lot of time.

Halifax is a seaside burg, so it makes sense that it have a lot of summer tourists. Plus while there are only summer classes at the university, you will see prospective students touring it, some with their parents.