Saturday, May 9, 2015

Big Easy Saturday Random Ten

I spoke with someone this evening - a barista, in point of fact - who had been away for a while. One of the places she'd been was New Orleans. I've been there too, and found it lovely. I think it's a little hard for a Northerner to get used to how they do things down there, but a Southerner from somewhere else would find it just about as alien. She says there's a lot of construction going on in various parts of the city. Pretty much there would have to be. Katrina isn't something you just get over.

1. Les Baxter - Calcutta*
2. Reading Rainbow - Animals Take Control of Me
3. Yo La Tengo - Song for Mahlia
4. Morphine - Scratch
5. Fitz & the Tantrums - 6am
6. Beth Custer & the Joe Goode Performance Group - Stay Put, Stay Here With Me
7. Mose Allison - Promenade
8. The Kinks - Death of a Clown
9. Roxy Music - For Your Pleasure
10. Sarah Vaughan - Midnight Sun
* Kind of an odd city to name your zippy bachelor pad music number after, but hey.


susan said...

I'm glad you got to see New Orleans before the hurricane. There were a lot more musicians traveling the countryside after the event.

Nice SR10 from what I can see. I guess back then the name Calcutta sounded pretty exotic. In many ways it still does - black holes notwithstanding. I love that Roxy Music song too and Dave's Death of a Clown.

Ben said...

More wandering musicians. I guess that could be kind of an upside, depending on a few things...

Yeah, it's probably a matter of Calcutta looking exotic--as opposed to destitute--on a map. That was a good Dave Davies song too.