Saturday, May 23, 2015

Out of service Saturday Random Ten

When there's a holiday Monday the library is usually closed on Saturday as well. I know this. I think I kind of understand why; so workers on different shifts will both get days off. I can just never remember, because it's not intuitive to me. Today I wish I had, because I was looking to use their bathroom too. It was an anxious walk home.

1, The Magnetic Fields - In My Secret Place
2. Sun Ra - China Gates
3. The Ramones - Glad to See You Go
4. Sarah Vaughan - Easy Street
5. Beth Custer - Tribal Duets
6. Sonic Youth - Brave Men Run (In My Family)
7. Dave Van Ronk - Fixin' to Die
8. New Pornographers - Born with a Sound
9. Lower Dens - Non Grata
10. Cannonball Adderley - I Can't Get Started


susan said...

I still have a hard time getting the hang of holidays and what's closed when. Happily, we've never gone hungry on one of them so far, but I must admit I still tend to remember the American ones and slip up with the Canadian holidays. For instance, Thanksgiving here is close to Columbus Day. It's weird.

Nice SR10 and very nice to see a Ramones song on the list. Gabba Gabba Hey!

Ben said...

I know in my head that Canadian Thanksgiving is in the middle of October, but it would still take me some time readjusting to it. As well, the fact that in Canada more places are closed for Boxing Day, which most Americans don't observe at all.

Couldn't resist the Ramones. They're in the next FR10 after this too.