Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hot and cold in the running

We've gotten an early taste of summer the last few days, particularly on Sunday and Monday. Hot and muggy, sweat pooling on your forehead. In response a lot of businesses and offices have really cranked the AC, so much so you might need another layer when you go inside. I'm expecting thunderstorms in doorways pretty soon.

In other news, got a package in the mail yesterday. I'm monitoring the situation. Looks to be in my favor. :)


susan said...

Up to now we've had no hot days - in fact, today it was jacket weather again and hats against a stiff ocean breeze. Damn Dartmouth, it always comes from there. I like your vision of thunderstorms in doorways; it could happen.

If it's the package I think it is I'm hoping too it will be in your favor :)

Ben said...

We're back to jacket weather too. Which is cool--in more ways than one. I have a jacket, which helps me carry things. But the storm thing certainly felt like it could happen.

I found myself very pleased with the contents of the package. Much gratitude toward the senders. :)