Thursday, May 7, 2015


Got a bad ache of the neck/top vertebra tonight. It was really bad at first. Got it under control now through the application of Mineral Ice. Good stuff, but I hope it's gone tomorrow. The pain, not the ointment.

So if I say I have a pain in the neck I mean it literally. But that's about the only way to mean it nowadays. My sense is that even people who use euphemisms have pretty much given up on that one.


susan said...

I hope the neck pain didn't return once the effects of the ointment wore off.

You're right about once common euphemisms being foreign now. The first one that occurs to me is saying a pregnant woman 'is in a family way'.

Ben said...

Basically the next day I recovered. Which is good. That was distracting.

Didn't the makers of I Love Lucy have to fight to say that she was "having a baby"? "Pregnant" never made it in there. What else were viewers to think?