Friday, October 25, 2013

Warning: Demonstration in first paragraph

This is the first new post in a few days or is that a few nights because between one thing and another and one thing always does seem to go between two other things doesn't it?  But yes between one thing and another I've found myself for the past several days too drowsy and muddle-headed during the peak or is that peek no actually I'm pretty convinced that it's peak blogging hours too tired and uninspired at that time to do any actual blogging so I made the choice to just get a relatively early bedtime in order to get up on time for work which worked out if you'll pardon the expression which regardless of pardoning or choosing not to forgive it's there now and there's nothing anyone can do about it so we might as well move on but anyway the choice to say screw it and go to bed instead did at least ensure that I'd get to work on time substantially early on at least one day and that's good not that I'm usually late but well work is like a never-ending suspense movie in that sense.


One thing I've discovered recently is the value of energetic half-assed writing.  Something like you see above, say, with run-on sentences and maybe a repetition here and there and also here (ha).  It makes writing sessions more fun and at least for me can make them more productive too.  If I try to go in a regular A then B then C route odds are I'll run out of steam no matter what kind of setup I give myself.  If I make a mess, like the artist who sketches in big strokes with the arm always straight, that means freedom.  It means that a 1000 word per night output goes from being barely conceivable to fairly trivial, although most of this initial burst won't be usable as is.  More than that, though, it means that in the middle of one of those broken sentences or poorly-planned paragraphs I might find some new direction to go in, more interesting than what I'd thought of at first.

Anyway, my process continues to evolve and this has grown to be part of it. 

The non-blogging over the past several days is true, of course.  That's part of the reason for no FR10 today.  Probably another Saturday Random 10 tomorrow.


susan said...

Free association writing is definitely as good an exercise for blowing out the creative blocks as is a live jam session for musicians at different skill levels. It may not all be perfect, or even necessarily good, but every so often some element appears that is better than anything done before. Since I prefer having original illustrations on my blog, and because of the ephemeral nature of any single post, what I've been doing for quite some time is allowing myself the freedom to post drawings that aren't the carefully planned pictures I once demanded of myself. You're right that it's a very liberating sensation. I like what your demonstration piece indicates about your inner process.

I wonder if you've seen the fast thinking performance of Russell Brand in a BBC interview done a couple of days ago? I can't say I even knew much about him until we happened across an interview he'd done on an American talk show recently but this one is much more pointed. Even more so is the editorial he wrote as guest editor for the New Statesman this week. Perhaps you've already seen it but, if not, it's definitely a prime example of stream of consciousness prose worth reading.

I'm glad to know you're well rested and feeling somewhat better.

Ben said...

In that interview it doesn't take Brand long to reduce the interviewer to absolute incomprehending stammer. "Does not compute!" The piece he wrote for TNS is quite thoughtful. Could take issue with it at several points but that's largely the point.