Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Soaking in It

Okay, here's an amusing juxtaposition. Once and possibly future Senator Scott Brown says this:

Speaking to reporters Monday night outside a function hall, where Brown addressed Republicans at a fund-raiser for local candidates, he criticized Shaheen for raising the specter of a matchup between the two in a recent campaign e-mail. The fund-raiser was closed to the media.

"I think it's shameful for her to do that, for one, because I'm not a declared candidate," Brown said. "I think she should be addressing the government shutdown problem."

But it turns out this happened a few years back.

Of course even without his hypocrisy being exposed, it's a little hard to see what he's bitching about. The e-mail said that it was maybe possible he'd be running against Shaheen. When asked directly he says "I dunno." So basically they're in agreement. But without the words "shameful", "disgraceful", and "inexcusable", political discourse would be filled with a lot of ums and ahs.


susan said...

I read an interesting article this morning that described a government shutdown that happened once only in Australia in 1975. The Queen's representative, the Governor General, fired the lot of them. If only that could happen in the US.

Ben said...

I guess that does account for why it's only happened once down there. Of course, well, some folk are more immune to education than others.