Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Trouble comes to a head

I thought that maybe I might have - yes I see the redundancy, it's for emphasis - blogged about something, anything last night.  Then again I was thinking of that when I was half-asleep, so it's not too surprising I didn't follow through.

This past Sunday I went out grocery shopping.  At the supermarket I stood behind an older guy with no hair at his temples and very loose hair on his scalp.  Loose, I mean, in that you could easily slide a ballpoint pen under it.  There's a lesson here.  If you respond to your receding hairline by shaving your head, you've crossed the rubicon.  No use wearing a toupee then, it will just look foolish.  Full wig maybe, but it won't fool anyone.  Just adjust to your new life as a chrome dome.


susan said...

Maybe that was a bit of lucid future dreaming.

I guess it can be a real problem when the male pattern baldness has reached a point of no return when the toupee purchased years ago is no longer big enough.

Ben said...

Yeah, that's as good an argument as any for just letting the chips fall where they may. Or go way in the other direction, have a collection of obviously false wigs as motley and flashy as Liberace's sequinned tuxes.