Saturday, October 12, 2013


It occurred to me recently that I hadn't been to Waterfire during the summer at all.  Not a biggie, but generally I like to see it at once during the year.  So I went downtown before sunset, spent a little time reading, then writing, in one of our city's many fine Starbuckses.  After it was dark I went to the river, and by this time the fires had been set. 

One of the side attractions was a living statue.  A living statue is not, to the best of my knowledge, an actual statue come to life.  Rather, it's a performer who stands still for an extended period of time, and then makes swift and/or subtle movements.  This one was dressed as a gargoyle, with long, demonic fingers.  Does make quite an impression when something looking like that starts moving.  I mean, I think it's kind of hard, getting harder, to get people's attention out in the street.  Our garoyle demon boy did the trick.


susan said...

I haven't seen any living statue performers since we came to Halifax (unless it was some poor person who stayed out too long in January), but there were a couple in Portland. The one I remember best was dressed all in silver and wore a baseball cap. The gargoyle guy was likely to be quite a startling sight in that surrounding. I'm glad to know Water Fire has continued in spite of budget cuts everywhere.

Ben said...

Yeah the budget cuts have probably made the sponsor names a little more prominent. What are you going to do?

Portland does seem like the kind of city that would be open to all sorts of eccentric artists.