Friday, October 18, 2013

The T.O.

Did not get around to posting anything last night.  Sort of hoped to.  Yesterday was the birthday of one of my faithful readers and all.

I've been a little waylaid by some kind of autumn sickness.  For now let's call it a cold, as it certainly feels like one.  Which is kind of a curveball, thinking you have allergies and dealing accordingly and suddenly you have something heavier.  Good news is once I'm over this, history suggests the allergies won't bother me as much either.

No FR10 today.  I'll see if I can pull one together for Saturday.


susan said...

I hope you're feeling better by now - lots of hot liquids (not including coffee) and rest should help.

Ben said...

Well it's about a week later now. I'm feeling quite a bit better than I was then. Really I just have a sore throat/cough now, and I'm hoping that fades soon. Wonder if the flu shot I got this week was a factor.