Monday, October 28, 2013

The New Yorker

Lou Reed was reputed to be an absolute nightmare of an interview, more than Dylan at his worst. Actually "reputed" isn't the word. We have evidence. And obviously this sucked if you were a journalist assigned to talk to him, or if you just wanted to do so. But he might have legitimately thought that he gave enough in the studio and onstage, that there was no more after that. And as you can see and hear here (Hear hear!) he did give an awful lot.


susan said...

You're right - he was a man who knew his own mind and nobody can ask for more than that. I'm pretty sure he had no regrets either.

Ben said...

Hmm. I wonder. Just about everyone has regrets at some level of his or her consciousness. But if he had them it probably wasn't over the obvious things.