Friday, October 4, 2013

Indian Summer Friday Random Ten

We're in that period, that "warmer than expected, even if you did sort of expect it" part of the fall. The real thing will be happening pretty soon. Which is a'ight. We'll be seeing leaves turn. And by that logic, seeing terns leave, although they're welcome to stay if I have anything to say about it.

1. Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band - Trouser Press*
2. Beck - Broken Drum
3. Rasputina - Hunter's Kiss
4. Gogol Bordello - Santa Marinella
5. Metric - Youth Without Youth
6 Jimmy Smith - Memories of You
7. Neko Case - The Next Time You Say Forever
8. The Bird and the Bee - Baby
9. Yo La Tengo - The Race Is On Again
10. Dinah Washington - This Bitter Earth

* With then-bassist and token Yank Jason Druckman on spoken word vocal.  Just learned about him recently.


susan said...

Yeah, I always expect it - in fact, I count on it. Let's hope the winter is a moderate one.

I didn't know about Jason Druckman either, but the Bonzos were a well populated (and changeable) band. Nice FR10. I don't think I've seen Dinah Washington on the list before.

ps: What's your Apt number?

Ben said...

Wow was I loopy when I wrote that. At least half asleep, I think. We'll see about the winter. It's a necessary caesura, I'm sure.

Dinah Washington has appeared on the FR10 before, I think, although not recently.

And it's still #4. That's saved me maybe a little time when updating my address.