Thursday, October 31, 2013

Behind the mask

Now here's something you may have noticed today.  I went to a coffee shop (ABP) today, which was of course Halloween. One of the baristas had a witch hat and some creative makeup.  Another had black cat ears, fairly cheap and easy retail stuff.  A third had what looked like devil horns, but she had painted cat whiskers on her face, maybe to avoid offending anyone.

That was the girls.  The guys weren't into it, apparently.  Well one guy had an army uniform on, but it looked like he might actually be a reservist so that wouldn't actually be a costume.  If you're going to dress as a soldier go for something outlandish like 19th century cavalry officer.

It just seems to me that one of the few perks to working in retail is the permission to be a goof now and then.  Why not take advantage of it just because you have a Y chromosome?


susan said...

The only person we saw wearing a costume yesterday was a girl walking along a heavily leaf-strewn sidewalk in a wedding gown. At least I think it was meant as a Hallowe'en costume, but if not she'd long since lost the kids who were supposed to be holding up her train.

Ben said...

Maybe as a Dickens fan she's doing the whole Miss Havisham thing. Whether as a Halloween costume or not I don't know.