Wednesday, January 25, 2012

When behind-the-scenes is better than most scenes

This is an excerpt from The Muppets on Puppets. It's a first-person documentary that Jim Henson made in Pennsylvania in 1968. Keep in mind that this was several years before The Muppet Show existed and a little before his work could even be seen on Sesame Street

In itself, seeing Frank Oz with a full head of hair is almost worth the price of admission. But seeing them turn that baaic puppet into a handful of completely different characters just by rearranging the features? Priceless.

A crucial part of the creative process is fluidity: the ability to change in midcourse and find something better, or more fitting. Henson had it in spades.


Liz said...

Fun video! Jim Henson looks a little like a muppet :)

susan said...

That was totally cool. I still remember just how nice it was seeing the the exhibition of the muppets at the Boston Children's Museum. Henson and Oz were real geniuses.

Ben said...

Liz, it's interesting that you say Henson looked a little like a Muppet. He seems to have agreed, hence the Country Trio.

And Susan, the Boston Children's Museum exhibit was a massive treat. Seeing where Rowlf came from was so cool.