Monday, January 30, 2012

Chattery teeth

Dental cleaning occurred today, and of course this is also the occasion for a checkup. (Unless the hygienist keeps her eyes closed.) Anyway, there was a minuscule amount of blood. Hardly any pain. After the last cleaning I picked up the habit of policing my gumline as if it had received a bomb threat. Apparently that's worked out.

An experience I'd recommend to all my friends.


susan said...

The only thing I hate more than going to the hairdresser is going to the dentist.. but I still go for quarterly cleanings and the dentist always stops in so they can add $$ to the bill. I'm glad to know yours worked out okay. I recommend a Sonicare if you don't already have one.

Ben said...

What does your hairdresser do to you?

There's not much chance of the dentist stopping in for the cleaning. I schedule them for late afternoon so I can go home afterwards. She never works after noon, as I've learned from the times I've needed fillings. The teeth biz is still a good racket.

A sonic toothbrush isn't a bad idea, but it seems most important to pick up the right habits.

susan said...

Okay, I admit I hate going to the dentist more but sitting still for 45 minutes looking at myself in a mirror isn't much fun.

Edmund Falkner said...

Ah, the regular dental check-ups. It's good to treat it as a visit to the barber or hairdresser. It's nothing big, but at the same time, it is valuable maintenance work to make sure that everything is in order. Also, it's quite good that you've made it a habit to take good care of your teeth. That's a good way to start 2012!

-Edmund Falkner