Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fish story

In creatuve endeavors, as in so many other things, there's nothing sadder than the one that got away. Having an idea, a plan that seems like it could work out great, and then just falls apart.

That's happened to me a few times. Just recently happened again. It was a weird idea for a story, spooky and mindbending. But I failed to put the time in when I should have, and for now at least I've lost the thread.

Maybe not a total loss, though. There still is a decent scene between a mother and a daughter, both from an Italian Catholic family. Of course for obvious reasons I've never been a mother, I've never been or had a daughter, and I'm not Italian. But I like to think "write what you know" only applies if you define knowledge as a humble willingmess to learn.

Anyway, here's to priorities.


susan said...

Sometimes I realize what I missed was four or more years at art school. Why did I believe the people who said they'd destroy my natural talent? Hah!

It's hard to lose something you sense would have been interesting and quite unique but perhaps you can work up something else with the Italian mother and daughter. Goodness knows James Joyce was never bothered about not having been female when he channeled Molly Bloom. You already know there are many more examples.

Ben said...

Of course James Joyce is a high standard to live up to. That's whether you're talking about literary achievement of facial hair maintenance. Not bad advice, though.