Friday, January 6, 2012

Do the hustle

One funny thing here is that if you don't know comics at all, you might think that the makers of this video made up the Dazzler. But no, she's real, or at least real within the context of the Marvel universe. She's even been a member of the X-Men. In terms of the voice/laser thing, it's sometimes a legit superpower, depending on who's writing and what kind of mood they're in. And she only wore the silver bell bottoms and disco ball pendant for the first couple of years. Of course her reputation from that time has followed her, so no, a movie probably isn't in the cards.


susan said...

I think I like her better as a graphic image. To be fair, the video kept hesitating so I couldn't watch a smooth run of her interview.

Ben said...

Was the video hesitating or was it the deliberately rough edits? If you had both I can imagine it would be annoying.