Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Full day, between regular work in the morning, my volunteer job in the afternoon, and a quick jaunt to the grocery store after that. It's the second that's probably the most eventful. After going in I learned that I'd be doing a different job in a rather different department. Interesting.

During much of this time I was kind of achy all over. Probably it just means I slept wrong. As time wore on the ache worked its way up into my head. Yes that made it a headache, and no I wasn't happy about it. It was a relief to get home, take some unAspirin and stretch out for a quick nap. There's a rejuvenating effect to getting up after a headache lifts.


susan said...

I'm impressed that you really did get into volunteering and I do hope they give you interesting tasks. Sorry about the headache - there's nothing worse than having pain as a distraction.

Ben said...

The other aches were a little distracting. The headache didn't start until I got out. Only thing about that was that I just could not wait to get home and shut down for a little while.