Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Revolt of the machines

If I'm not careful, this could read like an FMyLife post. (BTW, as I write this their front page is dominated by genuinely moronic actions. It's not usually like that.) In any case, I woke up around 8 this morning. My clock radio, to the tune of about $50 if you count the warranty, is supposed to go off at 6. It went off never. So in addition to being late for work for something that would make me sound like a fool if I told anyone about it, I had to reset it and make sure the audio was working when I got home tonight. Still have no idea what its deal was. Why wouldn't HAL open the pod bay door?


susan said...

I guess I shouldn't ask if the volume was turned down. Personally, I have the same view of machines as the man who said he only understood the wheelbarrow - and that imperfectly.

Ben said...

The volume question occurred to me. No, I tested it later. I solved the problem by resetting the alarm, but I'm still iffy on what happened to begin with.

I like the wheelbarrow saying, though.