Friday, January 27, 2012

Better luck Friday Random Ten

Last weekend we got our first big snowstorm of the winter. Since the temperatures rose to about 50 on Monday and we've had a lot of rain, most of that snow is gone now. I didn't mind the snow, or the cold, really. What sucked was we got six inches or so on Saturday. Nobody really likes to work on Saturday to begin with, so the weather was an excuse to close everything, or not open it in the first place. So with tomorrow not looking snowy, I can hopefully have breakfast where I choose and go to the library at least. And knock on wood the next blizzard will be on a Monday.

1. Kendra Shank - Gone
2. Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings - When the Other Foot Drops, Uncle
3. Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
4. Brian Eno - Through Hollow Lands (For Harold Budd)
5. Reading Rainbow - Runaways
6. Beck - Broken Drum
7. U2 - Babyface
8. Harry Nilsson - Salmon Falls
9. The Beautiful South - You Keep It All In
10. Nick Drake - At the Chime of a City Clock


susan said...

I should knock on wood as I say this but so far we have no snow on the ground either which is a big difference from last year. Naturally, I have no idea what's normal locally but I think this isn't - nor the 45° forecast again tomorrow. Hardy bunch around here anyway - they don't close businesses even for a hurricane. I'm glad things went back to normal for you.

Relaxing FR10 this time but then again I know you're not that into metal.

Ben said...

MM. I'm already sort of prone to strange behavior at work. Listening to metal on my iPod might push me a little too far.

Kind of cool having that hearty bunch nearby, as you describe them. Just keep a raft onhand for post-hurricane shopping. :)