Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Had a beer and a conversation in the back yard with one of my fellow tenants today after getting home from work. He's heading west for summer break soon. He's also an artist, painting student at RISD, which gives him some interesting stuff to talk about. Or at least I think so, since I find art a fun thing to think about. Anyway, apartment living tives you other people to interact with. When those people are likeable and interesting, it's a gift.


proloco said...

kisses from italy http://prolocosangineto.blogspot.com/

susan said...

It's good to be open to new friendships or just brief moments of mutual enjoyment. Art is a broad and entertaining topic.

Ben said...

Yes to both, really. Oscar Wild said, "All art is utterly useless." Left unsaid is that that is where its value lies.