Friday, May 20, 2011

Refreshed Friday Random Ten

I give myself permission to nap at work, when time permits. Overall I'm pretty sure it makes me more productive rather than less. Of course it can also be a little disorienting, on the rather rare occasions I actually fall asleep. Waking up, that is. Because once you lose consciousness, you don't know how much time has passed, at least at first. Or exactly where you are. I may have addressed this before.

1. Radiohead--All I Need
2. David Bowie--Look Back In Anger
3. 8½ Souvenirs--Yes, Yes, Yes
4. Grizzly Bear--Knife
5. Blossom Dearie--Comment Allez Vous
6. Elton John--This Song Has No Title
7. Simon & Garfunkel--Fakin' It
8. The New Pornographers--Three or Four
9. Warren Zevon--Werewolves of London
10. Ladytron--Predict the Day


susan said...

Falling asleep on buses and planes can be quite disorienting when you awake literally not knowing where you are. It sounds as if you must be pretty comfortable there.

Paul Lucke said...

That is a good idea. Sleep can replenish you and lead to increased energy. Just dont doze off too much

Ben said...

Good advice, Paul. All things in moderation.

Susan, I'm fairly comfortable. Of course I work in a room with just one other guy. Mostly any napping will be done while he's at lunch, with the door closed. It can be tense falling asleep on buses, because there's the risk of missing your stop. Less chance of that on airplanes.