Saturday, May 14, 2011

Slightly sore Friday Random Ten

Had a root canal yesterday morning. Early, as in the appointment was for 8:15. That may be a good thing, as most anxiety over the procedure itself was channeled into worrying about whether I'd get there in time. I did, despite RIPTA using a cutaway bus that's ridiculously small for the number of passengers. Anyway, they told me not to chew on my left side for a couple of days, and I see why. It's the side I normally would do most of my chewing on, but ouch!

Also got a chance to see Reservoir Ave in Cranston again. Overall I don't think it's changed that much.

1. Steely Dan--Kid Charlemagne
2. Frank Sinatra--Nice and Easy
3. Elton John--The Ballad of Danny Bailey (1909-1934)
4. David Bowie--Yassassin
5. Patsy Cline--Crazy
6. R.E.M.--Circus Envy
7. Radiohead--Nude
8. Miles Davis--Something Else
9. Beck--Nausea
10. Blossom Dearie--Wait Til You See Her

Update: Header should be "Saturday..." of course, but if I changed it you'd still see the erroneous one when you waved your cursor over the words.


susan said...

I used to make dental appointments deliberately early for the same reason. It sounds as if they sent you to an endodontist for the procedure if you had to travel so far - usually much less traumatic and faster than having a dentist muck around. I'm sorry these problems continue but glad you're keeping up with the repairs. Me too. Not fun.

Thanks for another nice selection of the FR10.

Ben said...

Routine dental appointments like checkups and cleanings I schedule late in the day, so I can just go home afterwards. That's not an option with surgery, but I can see why you'd deliberately choose that way. And you're right, it was an endodontist. She seemed to know her stuff, so that was okay. I'm cool with it.

And great thanks for the birthday card.