Sunday, May 8, 2011

Zombie ants, you say?

Yikes! It's not as though ants are the most sophisticated thinkers to beging with, as far as we know. But a fungus taking over their brain and turning them into puppets, essentially? That's kind of harsh. And we already know that we're not entirely immune from similar symptoms. Extrapolate from that if you like.


susan said...

My first reaction is in seeing a similarity among people who watch too much television. Fb'ing, twittering, and texting all seem to contribute to a lessening in the general ability toward rational thinking.

Ben said...

A mediated environment, like the one we're living in now, is an environment put together in order to sell. Not just goods and services but--as they say--a whole lifestyle. So I don't think it's just you're imagination.