Friday, May 6, 2011

Was in a neighborhood coffeeshot this evening. A kid was there, baby really. His older sister or really young looking mother is there too, and I hear her telling him not to hit. A minute or so later, the boy tags me on the leg. Oh well, I smile at him and say "wussup." It happens again a couple of minutes later and this time kind of pisses me off. The third time I actually talk to the guardian, saying that I'm trying to concentrate and can't do so if he's going to keep slapping my knee. That ends it.

Now I think both he and she are related somehow to the owner of the coffeeshop. So I hope I'm not banned. But the occasional annoyance helps define you by making you react. And I'd like to iterate that the kid was adorable, I just had other stuff going on.

1. The Kinks--Last of the Steam-Powered Trains
2. Brian Eno--Decentre
3. Grizzly Bear--Easier
4. Ladytron--Deep Blue
5. Steely Dan--Sign In Stranger
6. They Might Be Giants--Rabid Child
7. Simon & Garfunkel--Old Friends
8. Radiohead--Reckoner
9. Blossom Dearie--You For Me
10. XTC--Ball and Chain


susan said...

Worse still is being on a long flight and having a kid behind you kick your seat. It was good the young woman stopped him when you complained. I can't imagine you'd be banned.

Nice selection of untitled FR10 :-)

Ben said...

And you want to dangle the kid out the window by his leg, but then you, he, and everybody onboard would be sucked to your deaths. Ah yes, know the feeling. It was mostly facetious asking whether I'd be banned, but I just wouldn't want her to think it was a personal slam.

Didn't realize until now that I had forgotten to think of a header. Oh well, may as well leave it as is.