Friday, May 20, 2011

Cancel your plans for the weekend?

Brilliant turn by Zonker and Trudeau here.

A little context, if needed. If I know anyone who thinks that tomorrow is Rapture Day, I don't know that they think it. Of course said person would have reason to be hard-to-reach. Now do I have friends who are conservative Christians? Yes, but they're conservative Catholics. Different breed. Living where this kind of millennial Protestantism has taken hold would be interesting, I'm sure.


susan said...

I was sure that guy mowing the park at 7am would have been raptured by now since he takes such great delight in waking the neighborhood. I guess it didn't happen.

Paul Lucke said...

Do the conservative Catholics believe in the rapture? I am one, and I have heard no other Catholic who does. I belive most Catholics( myself included) no not when the date or hour, and think there is no way to predict it, since you cannot use the bible in a mathematical, utilitarian way, only in a spiritual way

Ben said...

Paul, that's exactly what I meant. No Catholics that I know, conservative or otherwise, put any stock in the rapture. As you say, the Bible is not a calendar.

Susan, I hope it's not too jarring hearing the lawnmower guy at 7am. It might be nice if he were temporarily raptured, just so everyone could get a couple weeks off. :)