Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sportin' Life

Gil Thorp is... Well, you can read about it here. It is and always has been pretty weird, but a square, Middle-American kind of weird. For crying out loud, one of the Left Behind authors used to write it. So when it deals with surprising topics, the surprise is indeed rich. This past year, the strip backed into sort of dealing with the bullying of gay teens. Now as you can see above, Thorp has found an antagonist in a demagogic school councilman who takes the Scott Walker line on teachers. As opposed to the more melodic kind of Scott Walker line.


susan said...

You're right the whole thing is pretty weird up to and including the guy who wrote the Left Behind books taking over. Why can't they just retire these things like Bill Watterson and Larson did? Ok - money.

The music was cool.

Ben said...

Watterson is a rare kinda person in a lot of ways. I hope he's doing well for himself. And yeah, that's a nice clip. Fun take on European showtunes.