Friday, June 10, 2011

Hoppity Friday Random Ten

If you have fairly long legs, you can--depending on step size, of course--take two or three stairs at the same time. It's a time saver that can also get a priceless expression out of your coworkers, so that makes it worth trying.

1. Sly & the Family Stone--Hot Fun in the Summertime
2. Fol Chen--The Idiot
3. The Beatles--Girl
4. Nancy Wilson--The Very Thought of You
5. Elton John--Funeral For a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding
6. Talking Heads--Stay Hungry
7. Simon & Garfunkel--America
8. The New Pornographers--Stacked Crooked
9. Patsy Cline--Heartaches
10. Kendra Shank--L'Amour est Bien plus Fort que Nous


susan said...

Lighting matches using a thumbnail catches peoples attention too.

Should I make an effort to listen to Fol Chen?

Ben said...

You might well like them. Except for the fact that they're very publicity shy (by LA standards, not Residents standards), I could see them opening for Beck. This is a fun interview with one of their leaders.