Saturday, June 4, 2011

"What was that?" Saturday Random Ten

Was in the coffeeshop at Borders this evening, hoping for the muse to strike. I noticed by the picture windows they were setting up a sound system. Sometimes bands or solo singers play in the store, so I was curious if this was going to be something like that. It turned out to be a guy doing a radio talk show. Sort of an aspiring Larry King with less personality—keep reaching for that dream, I guess. After a few minutes I found this distracting without really being interesting so I left. I did manage to write some (possibly) good stuff in a lined notebook at the bus shelter.

1. Nellie McKay--Beneath the Underdog
2. Miles Davis--Israel
3. Patsy Cline--San Antonio Rose
4. Talking Heads--Take Me to the River
5. Elton John--I've Seen That Movie Too
6. Beck--Soldier Jane
7. The New Pornographers--Sing Me Spanish Techno
8. Finn Riggins--Antoinette Pt. 1
9. The Kinks--Last of the Steam-Powered Trains
10. Ladytron--Versus


susan said...

Even the real Larry King would drive me away - never mind a wannabe.

I think Hemingway might have met his muse at a bus shelter - it definitely wasn't F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Ben said...

William Burroughs thought that he was meeting his muse at a bus shelter, but it turned out to be a young boy in a pencil skirt. The rest of the evening need not be described.

As to the Larry King thing, yeah, probably me too. At least if I were trying to do something else.