Thursday, June 23, 2011

Don't try this at home

Who amongst us hasn't reassured a young boy that our clothes haven't disappeared, just become invisible? Hey, that's a lot of hands!

The above is from the MF Publications (yes, really) comic entitled Captain Marvel. It's been preserved for curious 'surfers at the Stupid Comics arcive. It's a fun site, thanks to the host's game sense of humor. And it's worthwhile for me, because I believe in stealing ideas from absolutely everywhere.


susan said...

You do find some pretty cool stuff on your travels. I just enjoyed episodes of Captain Canuck and City Boy Goes to the Woods. The comments are priceless - like Marlon Perkins enjoying poking animals with sticks just to see what happens.

Ben said...

Oh, I remember Captain Canuck from another context. The artist was pretty good but there seemed to be a lot of photocomic sbackgrounds.