Thursday, June 16, 2011

Will not call her the princess of prints! We're all better than that.

Sometimes a little bit of targeted web-surfing can expose you to some interesting porn artists. asolutearts is a good resource for this even if you're not in the market for buying art. This artist from North Carolina, Natalia Moroz, is a fortunate find.

She's mostly a printmaker, and in particular works in linocut. It's--from my limited perspective--a different kind of work than painting. In painting all the levels, whether your talking about color or line, blend together. In printing they very often stay separate, so you can at least sense where one thing ends and the other begins. I'm only sort of saying what I want to say here, but the important thing is that Moroz seems to have an understanding of the medium that allows her to do great things with it.


susan said...

I don't know much about printmaking either. (One of the problems with living in apartments is the lack of space and avoiding messy projects.) I checked out her gallery and you're correct in your opinion that she's exceptional. The movie ones are very neat as are the black and white prints.

Ben said...

Thought you might like her. She has some nice pictures tapping into her Russian (?) heritage too.