Saturday, March 11, 2017

Yes, they're on a cloud

CumulonimBAAAHs from Matt Bogacki on Vimeo.

The animator here is working in a familiar formula - Coyote/Roadrunner and other Looney Tunes - but he finds new opportunities for weirdness within it. Very enjoyable.


susan said...

This was a nice homage to Wile E. and his infamous boxes
of explosive gadgets from ACME. Unfortunately, it appears
the sheep were unable to make the beep-beep sound.

Hope you manage to avoid having to go out
in a storm tomorrow. Winter should soon
be over.

Ben said...

Besides Wile E. Coyote this bit also refers to the Looney Tunes character Ralph Wolf. The funny thing is Ralph Wolf was almost identical to Wile E., even though most people have an idea what wolves look like, and it's not that.

Last Tuesday was probably the last big snowstorm of the winter. A lot of it's gone now, which is worrisome in a different way. I had no trouble reemerging on Wednesday, though.