Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Stake in hand

I heard this song in a different context earlier tonight. Short and sweet. I didn't actually know that much about Sainte Marie. Just that she showed up on Sesame Street a few times when I was a kid. First person I'd heard of named "Buffy." If she slew vampires, it was not discussed.


susan said...

I remember her singing 'The Circle Game' long ago, but other than that her appearances on the Muppet Show were just about all I recalled as well. Now I've seen the wikipedia profile that says she while she was born on a Cree reservation in Saskatchewan, she was adopted by a couple in MA who later sent her to Amherst and UMass where she earned multiple degrees before she hit the music circuit.

Someone could write a book about all the things I don't know.

Nice song you found.

Ben said...

Ah, so she has a binational background as well. Yeah, the Wikipedia article says that she has a Ph. D in art from UMass. Which means she could teach college classes if she so chose.

I don't know if the publishing industry will ever be that customer specific. Anything's worth a try, I guess. :)

Have to credit the WFMU archives. Charlie Lewis had this on one of his shows.