Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Man cave

It's not surprising that DC Comics has been publishing an adaptation of The Flintstones, as they and Hanna-Barbera have a common owner in Time Warner. What is surprising is that it's being taken seriously and has come in for a lot of praise. I haven't really been reading comics lately, but at some point I may take a look.

The new "realistic" depiction of Fred really isn't, though. I look at his arms and think, "What are those muscles even supposed to be?" Even the Neanderthals, the high school wrestling team to modern humans' basketball team, faced an upper limit to their pumpitude. If anything it was more realistic in the animated series, where he was drawn like a pudgy contractor from Ohio.


susan said...

I believe I've found the perfect vacation spot for the people who came up with this idea - and their fans as well. Sheesh..

We did come across one entertaining reimagining when we were at a bookstore today.

Ben said...

I saw an article about that place a couple of years ago, in The Awl, I think. The thing about a "prehistoric" theme park filled with gaudy caves is that falling into disuse and disrepair just makes it look realer.

Oh, the final showdown between Luke, Darth Vader, and Palpatine definitely should have been in iambic pentameter.