Friday, March 31, 2017


Earlier this evening I was looking for my umbrella and couldn't find it. I figured I must have left it someplace public, which is something I've done many times before. Turns out I'd just left it in my bedroom. That's progress of a sort.

During the day it was raining. Later in the day it turned to sleet. Since I remember seeing hailstones a couple of weeks ago that means we've had all the major kinds of precipitation this year. Luckily it wasn't sleeting that hard when I was out.


susan said...

I know what you mean. At least it's April now and I appear to have made it through another winter without losing my hat or gloves. All the same, I must give credit for my walking partner's assistance.

A funny thing we've noticed recently is that rather than use the terms sleet or freezing rain the weather forecasters write ice. There appears to be a general propensity to oversimplify language.

Ben said...

We all do need to rely on our friends at times. I've been lucky this year with hats and scarves as well. I used to lose them all the time. Hopefully I've turned a corner.

Sleet is a perfectly good word. And it's certainly more descriptive than "ice." Tell me ice is falling and I think someone is emptying an ice cube tray.