Thursday, March 23, 2017

Mucho Marco

It's easy to forget that there are still classical music composers in the world. Not that "classical" is always the most descriptive term, but it's the most widely understood. But yes, it's a living, evolving form too.

Tomás Marco, in his seventies and still active, is an interesting creator. This piece is quite playful. I guess having two pianos to play with unlocks something.


susan said...

This turned out to be one of rare youtube videos that won't play in Canada. I did try searching the piece by name as well, but still no luck. After that I had to settle for sampling some works of his that are available. While his compositions are interesting (I preferred the guitar pieces) I find the orchestral and piano pieces a bit too complex and, dare I say, dissonant, to capture my unsophisticated attention.

Nevertheless, it's good to know there are still composers of the classical form.

Ben said...

Ah, sorry. I can never predict which videos will fail to play back in Canada. This one is kind of a weird case. It's European in origin, so I'd think the rights issues would be consistent in Canada and the US. You're right that he works very well as a composer for guitar. "Tarots" is a good example of that, and has an interesting sense of pace. My ear wouldn't be more sophisticated than yours - I'm just an interested amateur. I do like the variety.