Thursday, March 9, 2017

Everything's waiting for you

For most of the past fifteen years I've worked on the East Side of Providence. The thing to remember is that this is an elevated part of town. Most of it is atop one hill or another. So if you work even on the second floor of a building you look out and just about everything is below or across from you.

This week I returned to work after a few months' unemployment. My new job is downtown, or Downcity as some insist on calling it. The part of downtown that's in the direction of South Providence but safely short of it. And this part of the city is in the valley. Plus most of the taller buildings around here are in the downtown section. So you spend more time looking up. It's a different feel.


susan said...

I know they've removed part of the old I-95 as part of changes to the freeway interchanges there, but the city itself likely remains much the same. Do they still have the Water Fire productions in summer?

I hope you're enjoying your change in perspective.

Ben said...

In the big picture the city remains the same. A number of neighborhoods have changed in ways subtle and not. Which I guess is universal.

The change in perspective turned out to be temporary, of course. I'm not entirely sure what the next thing will be, or what the view from there will be like. I look forward to finding out.