Sunday, March 19, 2017

After these brief messages

Here's something that happens to me sometimes, most recently just a couple of nights ago. I'm lying in bed, usually in the early AM hours. Something is keeping me awake, usually a noise. Could be lights too. There's something off about the sound, it doesn't seem right for the context. I'll say something to myself like "Why are they running a pile driver in the middle of the night?" I'll do my best to curl up and ignore it, but it's too persistent.

Then I open my eyes. The noise stops. I realize that it was just some lame kind of dream state while I was in a shallow slumber.

In general my response to this is a delight that the night is so blessedly quiet. 


susan said...

Are you familiar with the term hypnagogia? I experience it myself from time to time - in fact I actively try to induce it by meditating before bed and then continuing once I get safely under the covers.

On the other hand if I'm awoken by a loud noise and flashing lights it usually means a snowplough has just been through.

Ben said...

Some of those hypnagogic phenomena sound pretty familiar. You're not on the wrong track. It's best, I think, to accept and even embrace the strange things you experience on the way to sleep.

Snowploughs: one thing we've gotten oddly accustomed to over a short period of our history.