Friday, December 30, 2016


I just watched Hail, Caesar, which as far as I know didn't open in theaters around here. When you watch a newish movie on DVD there's likely to be a bunch of ads/trailers at the start, and so it was this time. Without the fast forward button I would have been stuck another 20 minutes.

The movie? Not bad, although not the Coens' best either. It meanders at points Alden Ehrenreich is one of the best things about it as a hickish but wise cowboy actor transferred to urbane roles. Jonah Hill's dry performance as a surety agent is also good, albeit very short.


susan said...

Ah yes, the sweet blessings of the fast forward button are not to be lightly dismissed. It's one of those things I've wished for several times when we've been at the movies waiting for the main feature.

Hail, Caesar isn't one of those movies (like Fargo or No Country For Old Men) that forced us out of the comforts of home to the theatre. You're right that when the Coen Brothers are good they are very good indeed (ie, Barton Fink and The Big Lebowski) but not all their films are winners in our books. Most of them are at least worth a viewing and that's what we'll do when Hail, Caesar comes to a streaming service near us. We'll keep a lookout for Alden Ehrenreich.

Ben said...

At the movies you can be kind of a captive audience. Although if you get to know the theatre's habits you can show up a little after the posted runtime and at least miss the product ads. Just make sure your watch isn't slow or you might miss part of the movie itself. (Happened to me once.)

I feel the same way you do. A few of their movies are among my favorites, most are good, and all are worth checking out, although in a couple of instances you'll be disappointed. This one has some worthwhile stuff and also some problems. Don't want to say too much more.