Sunday, January 1, 2017


I have to think it must be pretty fascinating - breathtaking at times - to see foxes in your backyard. They've evolved for stealth and speed, and in a way they're the most catlike of wild canines. City life is more my speed than the country, but spying the occasional fox would be one of the better compensations.


susan said...

Beides the fact animal and people territories aren't nearly so separate as we might imagine there's also frequent overlapping as we take more room and they subsequently find they have less space for their own activities. While it's cool to see wild animals, an unexpected run in can be a bit disconcerting. The only wild creatures we see around here other than the birds and an occasional garter snake are the tiny local squirrels, but when we lived in Portland the raccoons were very bold and big too. Several times when Jer was on his way down the hill to work he passed raccoons on the sidewalk on their way back to the woods where they spent their days.

Ben said...

We kind of have taken on the other creatures of the world as roommates at this point. Well, some of them. Some aren't so lucky. But yes, it's true that it can be unnerving to run into a wild animal when you're not expecting to. Not just those like bears and alligators that have a clear physical advantage either. I think part of it is that they're not constrained by, or even aware of, the social rules that we live by. The raccoons Jerry would see are a case in point.