Thursday, January 19, 2017

Nothing up my sleeve

Something I've learned recently. Overcoats are most often worn with suits, which I guess is part of the idea. So they're designed with the idea that you'll have other pockets. An overcoat might have only the two hip pockets, which aren't that deep and don't have anything covering them. That makes an overcoat a less than great place to carry, say, an extra pen you might need. You gotta come up with a different plan.


susan said...

Pockets are essential as far as I'm concerned, but they tend to put fewer of them in women's clothing. Preventing unsightly bulges, I suppose. I have a newer pair of jeans whose front pockets turned out to be only two inches deep. Useless.

I hope you have something suitable to wear under that overcoat.

Ben said...

Yeah, I've noticed that women's clothing is somewhat pocket-deficient. Most dresses don't seem to have any. The problem is that this forces women to carry bags, and as someone who's always leaving little things behind, I see how that can go wrong.

I've been dressing up a bit on weekdays. It keeps me in work-searching mode, or at least that's the idea.