Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Question on my part. Today I saw a flock of pigeons swoop down on the street when a kids was throwing peanuts - or some kind of bar food at any rate - on the sidewalk. In their midst were some smaller birds. They had brown plumage, curved beaks, and they sort of hopped while they were on the ground? Any idea what kind of birds these might have been?


susan said...

Ordinary looking bird type birds? For a long time we called them (or any other undistinguished looking avians) grackles.. because it's a word it was fun to say. In actuality, we think what you've decribed are starlings.

Ben said...

I agree that "grackle" is a very fun word. As is "spackle" which means something totally different. Now there are a few different species of starling with different markings and plumage. The general look, though, does match up with what I saw.