Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Pour another one out

A few delightful moments with Rob and Laura Petrie, along with the spooky invisible horn section that no one is freaking out about for some reason.


susan said...

She certainly lived a full life, didn't she? It wasn't until you posted this news that Jer had a look at Mary Tyler Moore's history and accomplishments. It came as a surprise that MTM produced so many good tv shows besides the one named after her - Bob Newhart, WKRP in Cincinnatti and Hill Street Blues among others I'm not too familiar with.

Thatt's a very funny sketch, btw.

Ben said...

I think she had something to do with St. Elsewhere too. And the Bob Newhart show was a great achievement. He'd been around for years but seemed an unlikely fit for a sitcom. I remember seeing Ordinary People in a high school class on death and dying, and she impressed in that.