Tuesday, December 27, 2016


REED IN THE WIND - Pinhole Film from michelvanderburg on Vimeo.

While there are cameras and adapters that make it possible, you don't often see moving pinhole images. Wouldn't want to see like this all the time - which is why I wear glasses now - but it's a fun change of pace. This short film gives the impression of waking up outside after a brief nap, just starting to get your bearings.


susan said...

While I've seen some very strange and beautiful pinhole images I've never seen a moving one before. Even after reading what he wrote about the process I still can't really grasp how it could be done - other than using a timer to move the film to a new position every few minutes is all I can guess. It is quite mesmerizing.

Ben said...

The process for making moving images in the pinhole format does seem to be very labor intensive. I imagine why it's used pretty much exclusively for short films, not features. There's not much incentive to develop the equipment further, especially given the widespread use of digital video. So pinhole is likely to remain one of those weird little marginal things.