Tuesday, December 20, 2016


A little earlier I was in Starbucks and I heard the opening to this song.

And at first I thought they were playing this song.

Needless to say I could barely credit my first impression, which of course turned out to be wrong. Still, there's a resemblance. Intentional? If so, White was definitely stealing from the best.


susan said...

Unfortunately, the Hip Poor Boy video is one of those odd ones that can't be played here. No, I have no idea why that happens just that it sometimes does. We both tried to find another version without much success - one filmed on a cell phone from the back of a concert hall and others of people doing their own versions.. Anyway, we shall take your word for it and, yes, the Bonzo video was fine. They were a very class act despite their total silliness or maybe because of it.

Every so often I'll mistake one thing for another too. Makes me wonder what my subconscious gets up to while the rest of me only thinks I'm paying attention.

Ben said...

Sorry you weren't able to hear anything. Cell phone concert videos are, if not a pet peeve of mine, at least something where I don't really see the point. The image is always blurry and/or shaky, the sound is crap because there's too much background noise, and since most people hit record after the song they like starts playing, you don't even hear it from the beginning. Hey, just relax and enjoy the show.

There's a version of the Bonzos still touring. Obviously there's no Viv involved and Neil Innes isn't part of the show either, or at least not anymore. This fellow approves, although it seems impossible to really bring back the magic.

The subconscious does have a way of making its presence felt, bringing things together you never thought would go together.