Saturday, December 24, 2016

You sleigh me

"Sleigh Ride" is one of those "Christmas" songs that's not, really. It's just about winter, but it plays in December when winter is fresh, so it gets pulled into the Christmas gestalt. Anyway, this instrumental version from some energetic Japanese youth is absolutely charming.


susan said...

Hah! Good find. It was a bit like watching a Japanese version of Kraftwerk.

Not that we go to mant places where we'd expect to hear Christmas music but what we have noticed at the grocery stores in particular is a preponderance of winter music or silly 'holiday' songs rather carols. We hardly ever hear them any more.

Ben said...

I hadn't thought of the Kraftwerk comparison before but can see what you mean.

Carols may be too somber in tone for a lot of places. Not keeping the customers buzzing along. I imagine they have researchers to figure this kind of stuff out.