Thursday, December 1, 2016


It's better to be an active participant in life, rather than passively wait. I know this. It's very much an effort, though. And it's an effort to think of ways to push forward. Still, I'm going out there.

No nature scene here, because I can't think of one that wouldn't be horribly cliched.


susan said...

Going out there under the circumstances is no easy thing. We applaud your persistence and keep our fingers crossed that the right situation appears soon.

The following is and is not a nature scene but it is an interesting idea.

Ben said...

I'm hoping it will as well. I've seen at least one really wrong situation pop up before me, and it's good I at least recognized it as such. I'm throwing a few different things out there.

Those little houses look like they'd be good for napping and other furtive things. Who knows?