Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Washed up

Arriving at the laundromat today I found the lights off, the first sign of fun. Most of the washers weren't working, so I had to wait 10-15 minutes to put my colors in.  Used the first open washer I could find for whites.  Maybe half the driers were functioning.  Most of them were in use, but the attendant helped me find a couple and I was okay except I didn't have time to do any folding before I left.

Had to feel bad for her.  She's responsible for laundry that's dropped off as well, which was taking her longer because the bigger machines were out of commission.  This started on Saturday.  The electrician was due on Tuesday morning, but was still a no-show when I left.  The owner apparently feels that waiting around for the right guy is a good business strategy despite the number of customers who get turned away, a judgment I honestly have to question.


susan said...

I'd say the owner is pretty short-sighted too and I sympathize with the attendant.

I must say though, I'm surprised you still have to go to laundromats. It must be a RI thing. Every building we've lived in since leaving there has had a laundry room.

Ben said...

I'm not sure when it became common to put laundry rooms in apartment buildings. Probably around or after WW2. A lot of buildings in RI are old, at least by American standards, and the landlords haven't opted to upgrade.