Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Toil and trouble

Is this a made-up memory?  I'm pretty sure it has some validity.  When I was a kid I remember seeing archival reruns of the Ernie Kovacs show.  One of his shows ended with a musical number where either a keyboard or some kind of percussion instrument sent out a plethora of bubbles that basically took over the set.  Wild times.

At any rate, I suspect the creator of the Nairobi Trio would be down with this instrument.  So might Doctor Seuss.


susan said...

I was hoping to see lots of bubbles coming out of those tubes. Still, it's pretty neat to see a kid actually making an effort in the physical world to do something new and interesting.

As far as the Ernie Kovacs show is concerned, neither of us can remember him filling the studio with bubbles. However, it sounds exactly like something he might have done. Maybe we can investigate further.

Ben said...

Yeah, I don't know if we'll be hearing from this youngster again but I do like this creative yet hands-on approach he's taken to music.

Like I said, my memory might be distorting what actually happened on the show. The odd, sometimes disturbing humor on Kovacs' shows did make an impression on me.