Monday, May 5, 2014

A little fight left

Over at McSweeney's Internet Tendency, Susan Schorn has a pretty extensive arvhive for her "Bitchslap" column. This is a blessing. She's a self-defense instructor, and her sub-byline mentions that "she's been hit in the head more than most McSweeney's columnists. Her takes on fighting, violence, and sparring (which aren't all the same thing) are very informative and personal.

This one is a pretty good test case as to whether you'll like her style.


susan said...

I never would have heard of this woman if you hadn't posted this excellent piece. More recent events may have dated it, but her point remains relevant.

You might enjoy Dmitri Orlov's account of the current debacle in the headlines.

Ben said...

One of the reasons I like her is my occasional pleasure at seeing stereotypes turned on their heads. In this case a lot of stereotypes about women.

Orlov seems like an idiosyncratic writer. He's got a point that we paid little or no attention to Ukraine for years before it became a Cold War flashpoint.